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Content-Rich Websites Make $$$!


The Problem:  You’re Not a Writer or You Hate Writing


Now You Build High-Content Websites -- Even If You Hate to Write!  I’ll show you step-by-step how you can use my new, remarkable tool to gather keyword-rich articles, analyze their densities, and build separate web pages for each articles collected. And how to monetize each page. Or if you are not interested in a content rich website of your own you can resell this valuable business package to other writers or small business opportunists and keep all the profits. Comes with complete website, graphics, instructions and resell rights.  Download the files below.  The first file is "50 Ways to Monetize Your Site" in PDF format. Most computers have a PDF file opener already installed. The second file is the  "Ariticle Site Builder" business package and comes in a zipped file. You must have a program installed on your computer in order to download and open the zipped file. Over $100 worth of digital products!

Free Training Classes 


Your HISN Premium Plus membership includes free and low cost training classes some with certification. For more information on classes, dates and time just click on the appropriate links below for each individual training class.  Another really awesome thing is many of these training classes trains you right into your own small home business or self employment opportunity!


21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Key insights to starting and succeeding with your own business. Presented by Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc.


Natural Health School  Enroll Now

Natural Health school starting soon.  This training opportunity is an excellent indepth study of the human body, its fuunctions and how to use nutritrion, vitamin supplements and herbal medicine to naturally treat an ailment or to stop it before it ever begins. Click on the title to be placed on the enrollment list. Optional Herbalist Leadership training to start your own business is also available. A great business to start with a very low start up offering extensive natural health knowledge, products and a service essential to good health and longevity. 

Featured Business Opportunity


Save vacationer hundreds of $$ on 4 and 5 star resort vacation packages at 75% off the retail price.  This is a fast and easy business to start with a service product that basically sells itself.  Your main function is to simply market our services and direct people who reads your ads on social media, craigslist, backpage, etc to your website. they purchase a discount vacation package you get paid directly to your paypal account.  Get more information  and sign up to start your own resort vacation marketing business.

Featured Business Opportunity


Interested in a home business helping homeowners  and/or businesses facing foreclosure save their property?  Then this is a business opportunity you  should check out.  Complete training, company provides you with your own website and complete training in DIY Loan modification software, Reverse mortgage and earn income from each product or service by referring people in to your affiliate website. Click here for complete details and sign up form.  

Reserve Conference Room or Office


As  a HISN Premium Plus member you are entitled to 4 hours of conference room time and 4 hours of virtual office time. You can use one option for 8 hours or divide the hours anyway you like.  If you would like a pre-recorded video, logo or document file to be displayed  during your conference or office meeting please provide the links on the form below.  Also indicate chat or no chat in this area.  Fill out the form  to reserve your office or conference room and submit.  Please be sure to schedule your reservations at least  48 hrs in advance. You will receive confirmation by email along with password information to distribute to your conference attendee(s).

HISN Referral Commissions


Premium Plus members earn 30% monthly commissions on all membership upgrades from members they referred to join HISN.  We keep track of members and referrals. However, if they were invited previously by another member, credit will go to the first member who invited them. Please fill out the form with your referrals name to make sure if they upgrade you get credit.  Please do not include referrals you already entered as a free HISN member.  You must have a Paypal account to receive commissions. If you do not have an account you can sign up here for free.

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