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What is HISNetworks?

HISN is a spiritual, historical, social and business network exclusively for Hebrew Israelites. We consider ourselves the remnant of a set apart social network. Here members can, upload videos, photos, post messages, access to our movie theater, private and group meeting rooms, video chat, leisure lounge, vendor pages to promote a product or service. We also have a sanctuary for Bible study and a library where members can download text and audio books free.


Is this a religious social network

No. The Hebrew Israelites are not a religious group. That is a total misconception. The Hebrew Israelites are a race and nation of people and Hebrew is their language of orgin.


Is HISN associated with any Hebrew Israelite camp or group?

Absolutely not. We do not believe in self proclaimed titles, denominations or any type of man made religious group. HISN takes orders from only one commander and chief and that is our Elohim, YHWH the creator of all.


Why sign up with the HISNetworks when I have Google+ and Facebook?

Main stream social networks are vast. They are what we call the information overload centers of social media and are excellent for research and friends list building. We also use Google+ app as part of our social community, so you must have a Googleplus/YT account to join . However, HISN is a private group that focuses strictly on a certain group of like minded individuals, their needs and their interests. These are the individuals that will make up the HISN community.


Is it free to sign up for a HISN account? 

Yes it is free.  However, there is also an upgrade option that includes more services and business tools if interested.


How do I know if I am a Hebrew Israelite?  If you were born of a Negro mother and father, whose ancestors arrived here in the U.S. via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade or disbursed around the earth, you are a bloodline Hebrew Israelite.  You may also want to visit our Hebrew Israelite quick study page that will answer this question in more detail.


Can gentiles join HISN?

Gentiles are welcome as guests in what we call the outer court [the part of the website that can be accessed by guests], where we provide plenty of information for gentiles interested in learning and gaining spiritual edification. 


Do I have to upload a picture in the community forum?

Yes, we would prefer that you upload a picture of yourself, but you may also use an appropriate avatar that you have permission or the right to use. We have our ways of locating deceptive profiles. If we locate a profile created by someone claiming to be a Hebrew Israelite who is in fact a gentile, they will be banned from the HISN website.  This is a social network that will thrive on truth and honesty and will go the extra mile to keep it that way.


Are there restrictions on the type of videos you can upload

Of course there are. No adult or pornographic videos or material, no gentile Bible teaching videos are allowed unless they are a part or of a video created by and under a Hebrew Israelite. Although all Hebrew Israelites are welcome to join HISN, non-messanic Bible teachings [those who do not believe in Yahushua; the Messiah; the son of YAH] and videos are not allowed to be posted on the HISN website. It is also prohibited to use any HISN chatrooms to promote restricted material. 


What about Hebrew Israelite children?  Are there resources for them on the HISN website?

You must be 18 to join HISN. However, parents can access resources for their children when available on the site through their own accounts, under the parents strict supervision.  Because there are videos, information, etc. on the site that may not be appropriate for children, members are not allowed to give children under the age of 18 their log in information to access the HISN website without supervision.


Your questions still not answered here?  Then click here  and fill out the form on the lower left side of the  page and we will contact you shortly by email.

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